Walt Disney World Resort Hopping

WDW Resort Hopper

Walt Disney World Resorts are destinations unto themselves. Each one is worth a visit — or a stay.

WDW Resort Hopper aspires to become a go-to resource for Walt Disney World Resort Hopping.

My name is Susan, and for me, staying “on property” is a big part of the fun. I’ve made entire Disney vacations without setting foot in the parks, because there’s so much to see and do at every Walt Disney World Hotel.

If you don’t get a chance to spend time at Walt Disney World’s resorts, you are missing out!

One biggest benefit to staying “on property” is resort hopping! And no park ticket is required.

What is Resort Hopping?

Walt Disney World (or WDW) Resort Hopping is something you can do if you’ve got a few hours to spare, a whole day or even several days. You can make an entire vacation out of resort hopping.

What is a Split Stay?

A split stay is one creative form of resort hopping. You can book two or three back to back reservations and a couple (or three) different Disney World Resorts to experience what it’s like to stay at each one. Usually, this is a great option when you are trying to decide between two hotels. My answer is always to stay at both by booking a split stay. When you’ve got big vacation plans, why not design a little bit of resort hopping into your itinerary.

Every Walt Disney World Resort offers its own unique taste of Disney magic. You can also eat your way around the Resorts. Simply make reservations!